Aerobase forget password link redirects to reset password. Can anyone explain why this is happening?


I enabled forget password in SSO real settings and the forget password link enabled in login screen but i clicked the link it redirects to forget password page and asks me to enter email address and it sends a email with reset password link. While clicking that link it redirects to reset the password. Can anyone explain whats happening?

From the code what i was see was "<span><a tabindex="5" href="${url.loginResetCredentialsUrl}">${msg("doForgotPassword")}</a></span>"

the url is written as loginResetCredentialsURL but the label was "doForgotPassword"


Ubuntu OS.


Ranjith N
October 10, 2019, 6:09 PM

What i am asking is you provide the feature name as Forgot password that means user doesn’t know his/her password. but what i am receiving from the mail is to reset the password while i click that link it redirect to the account setup page and ask them to enter old password and new password. that means it’s redirecting the user to reset the password with their old password. That’s my issue

Yaniv Marom Nachumi
October 10, 2019, 5:35 AM

Your described scenario looks fine to me. What is the issue here?


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Yaniv Marom Nachumi


Ranjith N